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Our Story

It all started with an old-fashioned Caramel Corn and a love for nostalgic candy

John Nagel and Greg Lopus, lovingly nicknamed “The Boys,” started Cosmic Candy Company back in 2006 and quickly became one of Michigan’s favorite “Pop and Pop” sweet treat destinations.

As a small, family-owned business, we have our fair share of fun, but there are two things we never joke about: popcorn and candy. Our Pentwater Popcorn began with an old-fashioned Caramel Corn recipe, and we’ve been creating delicious popcorns ever since. John, our creative genius, is obsessed with discovering that “new-now-next” ingredient that is sure to excite your taste buds. Like a mad scientist, John enjoys spending time in the test kitchen where he can’t stop popping up with new recipes.

Greg, AKA Candyman, is our candy connoisseur. He has a serious knack for tracking down hard-to-find treats of yesteryear and taking you on a candy-coated trip down memory lane. In fact, our nostalgic candies have adults picking out more sweet treats than the youngsters!

We started Cosmic Candy Company with a passion for sweets and a passion for people. Our hope is that you not only enjoy the sweets and treats, the popcorn and ice cream, but you enjoy the nostalgia, memories, and tradition that come along with delicious popcorn and nostalgic candy.